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Artificial Intelligence for Digital Channels

We work with pre-trained models (pre-built-ins), which save implementation time and solve the most frequent cases for different industries


Travel and hospitality




What processes can we help with?

Marketing and sales


Show your catalog, send promotions and discounts, allow your customers to buy without leaving the chat and more.

  • Abandoned cart
  • Sending promotions
  • Sale completed
  • Autentication
  • Catalog
  • Buys
  • Reservation of tickets and packages

Customer Management


Answer frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, validate identity and register clients, among others.

  • Hire services
  • Branch Locations
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer registration
  • Identity validation
  • Frequent questions

Coordination and reservations


Facilitate the self-management of your users, manage reservations and complaints, coordinate services and everything you can imagine.

  • Reservation of amenities
  • Complaints and claims