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Technological Security Solutions

We are architects of networks that we imagine in the future.
We facilitate the insertion of your company into the new era of intelligent, agile and flexible networks.


A convergent network is not only a network capable of transmitting data and voice but an environment in which there are also advanced services that integrate these capabilities, reinforcing their usefulness. A converged network supports applications vital to structuring the business – IP Telephony, Collaborative Video Conferencing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for greater efficiency.

We offer Security solutions that exceed the common standard, Reliability in products that perform their functions due to their robustness and durability, Performance one step ahead of the current average, Scalability offerings with functions released by licenses, Incessant communication between systems and constant Innovation, all thanks to the alliance with leading suppliers of products specialized in the fields of Networking and Security.


We help you optimize your services and productivity with specialized Solutions for different scenarios such as SD-WAN, Collaboration, smart wireless networks, Campus Access, SD-LAN and much more.

Let’s take a brief tour of our SD-WAN: Introducing Fortinet Secure SD-WAN for Multisite Connectivity, a revolutionary approach to setting up high-quality, secure multisite connectivity between IaaS virtual machines running on different clouds; without increasing complexity and cost. Fortinet SD-WAN, Future-proof!


  • Security with Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) FortiGate’s Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) offers the best SD-WAN networking and security capabilities integrated into a single device.
  • Fortinet Secure SD – WAN for distributed network architectures: The adoption of cloud applications is driving much of the need for superior network capabilities.
  • Centralized Console Management: Through a single pane of glass console, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN provides seamless visibility across the network and unified policy management and centralized VPN control across all branch offices or remote locations.
  • Touchless Deployment: Automatic device provisioning and branch deployments (without the need for trained network engineers to be sent to each location) save significant amounts of time compared to the processes involved in adding branches in WAN environments. traditional, then FortiOS dynamically develops the entire physical and logical network topology once FortiGate is activated.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Lower cost connectivity, simplified deployment and centralized management through a single package solution for networking and security operations, delivering up to 50% better CTP compared to architectures that have separate security and networking devices.
  • Detection and Solution: Cybersecurity involves more than just prevention, since it is impossible to stop all attacks. It also involves detection and solution. Having a security solution like Fortinet Secure SD-WAN that delivers high performance and efficiency with optimal cost-effectiveness is key.

In addition to providing you with agility, reducing costs, providing high performance, being safer and providing reliability.


In current scenarios, security is a significant pillar for the design and deployment of connectivity solutions; Data theft, device hijacking and denial of service attacks are constant and it is vital that it is protected. Secure your confidential data and your business with solutions such as Network Access Control, Internet perimeter security, Next Generation Firewalls and IPS, WAF and Anti DDOS.


For high-demand projects in the most critical sector of connectivity, High Availability is crucial to keep the business running 24 x 365. Solutions such as SDN Networks, Application Delivery, Data Center Switching, Convergence, will keep your critical platform operational and without interruptions.


We focus on your business, helping you achieve your goals with technology solutions that meet your needs. Our Consulting and Advisory Services allow us to guide our clients in making effective investments to strengthen their long-term business strategy.


Within the Globalti service commitment, feel safe and supported; Incorporate into your company our professional services for the management, implementation, optimization, support and maintenance of your technological structure in 24x7x365 mode.


Given the important need for a solution with design and engineering to adapt to your business, Globalti offers you advice with specialists from our staff, who will accompany you by building customized solution models with which you can face any problem. challenge.